30% off all Vistaprint products – sitewide!

I rarely post deals, on The Mom with Moxie, but this one is really good.

Vistaprint now has a special offer, where all products are 30% off.

There are tons of other deals, on Vistaprint, as well. There are free business cards and rubber stamps – plus photo Christmas cards and regular Christmas cards, at a deeply discounted price.

If you’re thinking about sending personalized cards, this holiday season, this is an excellent option.

But, you’d better hurry! Not only is Christmas around the corner, but the sale expires November 29th.

How are you spending Black Friday?

I’m spending it, working. But, not to worry… I don’t work in retail, so my sanity will be saved (mad love, to those of you who do).

So, while I won’t be doing any shopping, on Friday, I will be doing some, on Monday (aka Cyber Monday).

To prepare for my shopping “trip,” I’ve been hanging out, on Become.com, a Website that allows you to search products, and compare shopping sites. It’s comparison shopping, right at your finger tips.

You can product search, for all kinds of things, from waterhill furniture, to wrought iron gliders, to yellow bathroom accessories.

There are also different “departments,” like you’d find at a brick and mortar store.

So, if you’re planning on sleeping in, on Friday, and saving all your shopping for Monday… do your Christmas budgets a favor, and compare on Become.com, first.


Disclosure: This is a compensated post. All opinions are 100% my own.

Helping a 10-Year-Old in Need #LiftMargaret

Today, while reading one of my favorite blogs, Mommy is in Timeout (owned by fellow Detroiter, mommy blogger & all-around awesome lady, Elena), I came across a post, titled #LiftMargaret.

Here’s a snippet of her post

In early September, I stumbled on a blog after I saw several people tweeting that the author needed a lot of support.

Anna, from An Inch of Gray, had just lost her 12 year old son, Jack, during the floods in Virginia.Along with many others, I started following Anna’s blog. I can’t imagine how difficult these stories have been for her to write and share with us. Word after word, I kept wishing there was something we could do to help her and her family during this tragic time.

Two weeks ago, Anna shared a grocery list written by her 10 year old daughter, Margaret. As you can see, she asked for a few food items, a private concert with Justin Bieber, and for her brother Jack.

So, if you’re anything like me, I know you wondering what you can do to help. Look no further… here are a couple of things, Elena suggests, that you can do to possibly help make at least one of Margaret’s wish come true:

- Send a few tweets – Elena has even written them for you. All you have to do is copy & paste. (the bit.ly link goes directly to Anna’s grocery list post)

  • Hey @JustinBieber – help put a smile on a young girls face after the tragic loss of her brother: http://j.mp/qhm5jN @JBLiftMargaret
  • Hey @theellenshow can you help put a smile back on a 10yo’s face after the tragic loss of her brother. http://j.mp/qhm5jN @JBLiftMargaret

- If you’re not on Twitter, but are on Facebook… Write on Justin Bieber’s Facebook fan page and mention Anna’s post.

- If you’re a blogger, consider doing a post yourself. The more people who see and spread this message, the better

For more ideas, check out Elena’s post, at Mommy is in Timeout.

PS… Follow Elena. Seriously, she’s awesome. FacebookTwitter.

Like Elena, I have closed the comments to this post. I’d rather you use the time & energy to send a few tweets.

Home Depot’s New Holiday Campaign

Let’s face it, most men love all things home improvement. Honestly, I think my husband gets something from Home Depot, at least once a week.

If your guy is like mine, then you’ll love this new holiday campaign, from the folks at Home Depot.

This holiday season The Home Depot is changing the way people see Gift Cards – and allowing customers to personalize their cards from purchase to delivery. It’s a new spin on a classic gift and perfect for a lot of gift givers.

There is a Gift Card option for every holiday buyer:

  • The tech-savvy gifter: Consumers have the option to record a personalized video and upload it to their eGift Card or traditional plastic Gift Card. Videos can be viewed online by the recipient.
  • The social gifter: Now, users can give The Home Depot Gift Cards to their friends via Facebook! They can choose a customized gift card, add a personalized message and design, and see their gift appear on the recipient’s Facebook Wall.
  • Unique gifter: Choose from close to 20 unique designs, and four functional holiday carriers, found only in The Home Depot Stores. Designs include a pop-up Gift Card, a “naughty” or “nice” Gift Card, a card that offers some of our most popular project ideas and a real level (that actually works!).