Happy Anniversary to Two of my Favorite People

A year ago, today, two of my favorite people – my cousin Dominique Morisseau and her (now husband) Jimmy Keys - got married. I was blessed to be one of her bridesmaids. I had such an awesome time!

Last year, when I originally shared this video on YouTube, it went viral! I just wanted to share it again, in celebration of two wonderful people.

And, as you’ll see at the end, my ending is abrupt… even I couldn’t resist the call of the music. :)

Best First Dance Ever: Dominique Morisseau & Jimmy Keys

Attended the wedding of two of my favorite people: my cousin Dominique Morisseau and her (now husband) Jimmy Keys, this weekend. Such an awesome weekend! I just wanted to share a piece of it with you… And, for all of you who are getting married soon… THIS IS HOW YOU DO A FIRST DANCE!

And, as you’ll see at the end, my ending is abrupt… even I couldn’t resist the call of the music. :)

(P.S. check out the kid, with a cameo.)

The one where I went to New York, spent time with family and saw an AWESOME play.

This past weekend, I packed up my bags, kissed my two guys goodbye, and headed to New York.

I was on my way to see my cousin Dominique Morisseau’s play, Detroit ’67, at the National Black Theater in Harlem. Words cannot even begin to describe how excited I was – even if I was traveling, from Detroit to New York, by minivan, with my parents, aunt, uncle and two great aunts.

We left early Friday morning – and when I say early, I mean early… my alarm work me up at 4 a.m. I arrived at my parents’ house at 5 a.m., and after picking everyone up, we were on the road by 6 a.m.


The ride wasn’t that bad. Thankfully, my dad drove the entire way. We ended up rolling into New York at 4:45 p.m. The hotel my parents stayed at was in Harlem, right around the corner from the Apollo.

Friday night, my cousin, sister and I went to Times Square, because my sister had never been.

Times Square and the Apollo

Saturday, during the day, we played tourists some more and visited Columbus Circle, Central Park and Rockefeller Plaza.

NBC & Rockefeller Plaza

Saturday night, we all (20 or so friends and family visiting from Detroit) attended the play my cousin wrote, Detroit ’67. And, let me tell you… it was AMAZING! I am so proud of my cousin, and she has such a talent. I just know she’s going to go far. After the play, some of us – along with the cast – attended the after party.

The Cabbage Patch

Sunday morning dawned (way too early) and it was time to pack up and head back home. And, while I had an awesome time visiting, I was so happy to be coming home to my guys. I swear, the car ride that took no time heading to New York, seemed like f-o-r-e-v-e-r going back home. But, finally, at 8:30 p.m. on Sunday night, I was back home – tired as all get out.

The One Where My Baby Sister Turns 30

I’m getting old, y’all. You see, today my baby sister turns 30-years-old. If she’s 30 and I’m the older sister, then what does that make me? (Hint: 35 Things I’m Grateful for on my 35th Birthday.)

Anyway, this post is dedicated to you, baby sis. Happy, happy, happy birthday! I love you to pieces.

The big sister, torturing the little sister - as usual.

The big sister, torturing the little sister – as usual.



Us and our cousin (aka 3rd sister), Dominique (http://www.Detroit67play.com).



Not sure what’s going on with the cat. It may be her hostage.



My hottie sister, in the present. Gorgeous, no?


Oh and she’s a talented musician, as well. So, if you’re looking to book an awesome singer click here.

My Mother’s Hands: A tribute to my mom, on her birthday.

I bought some new nail polish recently – you know, for the fall season. It got me to thinking… my sister and I always joke about having hands “just like mom.” By that, we mean a bit meaty – no matter how thin (or not) we are. It must be hereditary, because we both have them.

I should clarify… I don’t mean this in a negative way. It’s actually quite the opposite. I am honored to have hands that look like my mom’s. They are the same hands that tucked my sister and I in. The same hands we held, when crossing the street or walking in a strange place. They are the same hands that picked us up every time we fell, and the same hands that cleaned and bandaged up the boo-boos we got. But, most importantly, they are the same hands that now to those same things for my son. I love the relationship my son has with his “Gigi.” (They are so much alike – in personality and looks – that it’s scary.) I love that the same hands that so lovingly picked me up when I fell, are the same ones that now help him.

Happy birthday to a mother who is one-of-a-kind. I am ever so grateful to have hands like hers. I only hope they’re up to the task.


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