On Bloggy Con & Cedar Point


When I first heard about Bloggy Conference, I was super excited to find out it was held in Ohio – just one state over down from Michigan. When I heard it was at Cedar Point, I bought my ticket as soon as I could. Growing up in metro Detroit, Cedar Point is the closest amusement park – only two hours away. As a kid, teenager and young adult I went on a regular basis.

Glenn Fam goes to CP

Because the conference started early Saturday morning, we decided to take the kid out of school at midday and got on down the road. Since we hadn’t been in nearly five years, we were excited to check in and get some time in, at the park.  Especially since I would be busy with conference stuff most of Saturday and Sunday.

Mom and the Kid at CP


All-in-all, the conference was great. I had an awesome time. The speakers were wonderful. I learned tons from Missy Ward about monetization; got to talk photography with Angie Keiser from Fashion by Mayhem; received a crash course in SEO from Allison Kulage-Chaney from Bareknuckle Digital; got some great tips on vlogging from Katy Morgan of Katy in a Corner fame; learned the legalities of blogging from Rachel Brenke; and ended up with sore wrists from typing so many notes during Ang England’s session on writing, e-Books and publishing.

As previously stated, I had an awesome time at Bloggy Con 2014/Cedar Point; however, there were a few things I wish had went a little differently.

  1. I love the babies, really; but having them crying through presentations was super distracting. It’s like when your baby cries in church you take them out, as not to disturb everyone else. The same should be done at conferences – everywhere, really.
  2. The Wi-Fi in the conference portion of Hotel Breakers was very spotty. Granted, I was just using the free version. It’s possible that if I would have paid for the “better” access, would’ve my connection have been more consistent.
  3. One of the rooms the sessions were held in didn’t have any additional power sources, other than the ones in the walls. A blogging conference without tons of plugs available? Two thumbs down. I should say, that the other room had more than enough, for which I was eternally grateful.
  4. The convention hall very noisy with vendor area separated by just a curtain. At times, it made it hard to hear the presenter(s).

I also loved Hotel Breakers and the old, creepy vibe tied in to Halloween/Halloweekends. Parts of it reminded me of The Overlook Hotel from The Shining. While you could tell it used to be beautiful in its heyday, some parts of it could use a bit sprucing up. Luckily, they’re in the midst of a major renovation that will be completed sometime next year. I can’t wait to see it, once it’s done.

Scary Photos

In addition to me enjoying the conference and hotel immensely, we (the Glenn fam) had a wonderful time at Cedar Point. Fall is my favorite season, and Halloween one of my favorite holidays. Halloweekends was a great time to be there, for the most part. Unfortunately, the kid was a bit freaked out by some of the monsters – not when they were by themselves, just when they traveled in packs. Luckily, there were family-friendly options as well. Also, he had been coming down with a cold the entire weekend, and on Sunday afternoon my poor baby had had enough and wanted to go home. We stopped at CVS on the way out of Sandusky to get some cold medicine for him, and hopped on the freeway home. Apparently, the medicine had him feeling better because he wanted to know when we were going back.

My name is Bree, and I’m a procrastinator.

Say it with me… “Hi, Bree!”

I planned on posting this a while ago, but… you know.

Lol. Seriously, though. I feel like I’ve been a horrible procrastinator when it comes to TheMomwithMoxie.com. There are so many things I have planned for this little ole blog. I just haven’t been motivated to get them done. I really need to get off my duff.

It’s weird, because I’m not like this with any other aspect of my life.

I think I need some inspiration.

What inspires you?


Motivation is a powerful thing. It gives you purpose and a reason for doing… anything, really. To be unmotivated means, to me, death (metaphorically speaking). I absolutely hate being unmotivated. It makes me feel useless and uncreative.

Unmotivated describes how I’ve been feeling about blogging – and writing in general. I just haven’t been able to muster up the whatever I need to draft blog posts, write short stories, nada. For weeks, I’ve been baffled and unable to figure out how to get my writing mojo back, where it went on the first place, or why it left. It took a while, but I finally figured it out… I’m burnt out. I need a break from writing. Just a little one.

I’ll be taking a mini blogging sabatical. Just for the rest of July. I need this. My soul needs this.

See you in August. Try not to miss me too much. :)

I’ve Been a Busy Bree


Hello, friends. Long time, no blog. :)

It’s been a super-busy few weeks, in the Glenn household: I started a new job, my lovely mother in law came for a visit, and the kid and I attended a weekend-long family reunion. Needless to say, blogging kind of fell by the wayside. Luckily, things are slowing down a bit, so I’m hopeful that I’ll be back to blogging on a regular basis, soon.

In the meantime, here’s what’s been going on:

New Job: Getting acclimated to a new job is tough, time consuming and very rewarding. As I said, few weeks ago I started a new job as PR and marketing manager at an area hospital. For me, it was a bit like coming home, as I worked for a sister hospital several years ago. The saying, “you can’t go home again,” is for me, thankfully, a not true. I’m so glad to be here, and am having a wonderful time learning the ropes again.

Relatives Visiting: The hubster‘s mom came to visit for a couple of weeks. It was so good to see her, and even better to see how happy it made my husband to have her staying with us during her visit. Unfortunately, because of aforementioned new job, I didn’t get to spend a lot of time with her (or take any pictures).

Family Reunion: Every year, my extended family (on my mother’s side) has a three-day family reunion. This year was the 67th occurrence. Most years, the location varies, and this year it was here. I always love this time of year, because it means I get to see family I haven’t seen in a while, meet new family members, and spend time with my local family as well. And while being the host city means more work for us, it’s so worth it.

Now that things are getting back to normal, I excited to get back to posting here on The Mom with Moxie, as well as catching up on my blog reading.

I have a ton of post ideas and research done, and I can’t wait to share it with you. See you all real soon!

You Know You’re a Blogger When…

  1. You keep a notebook by the bed, just in case you have ideas for posts, in the middle of the night. Last night, while The Hub and I were watching a movie,  I suddenly got a few ideas, for blog posts, so I quickly grabbed my notebook and jotted them down.
  2. You approach and/or react to everyday situations, with the mindset of, “I wonder if this would make a good blog post. Yesterday, the kid was in rare form. A total a-hole. Nothing I did, could get him “right.” That triggered my idea of doing a links post, about disciplining a child (should be up soon).
  3. You’re out and about – or even at home – you’re taking pictures, not for the sake of preserving memories, but because they would go great, with a blog post you’re writing. When the kid and I were at Virginia Beach, I took a ton of landscape and crowd shots, so I could use them, instead of stock photos.
  4. You have friends and family members coming up to you, beginning the conversation with, “I’ve got a great idea for a blog post, for you…” The hubs is the one who does this the most. Good thing, his ideas are always good!
  5. You’ve just witnessed your friends or family, in a funny or embarrassing situation, and they look at you and say, “I’d better not see you posting about this, on that blog of yours.” I get this a lot, especially from the hubs.

Well, that’s my list. What do you think? Did I miss anything? Let me know, in the comments section, below. If I get enough, I’ll do a follow-up post, and give you credit for your suggestion.