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The Mom with Moxie is about living life, to the fullest and finding humor, in life’s little – and not so little – messes. Blogger, Bree Glenn, is a wife and mom, trying to juggle family, work, life and everything else.

As someone who has dealt with health issues, weight issues, financial issues, job issues, etc., she feels she can provide a unique point-of-view, on life – and how to live it to the fullest, despite whatever trials life may throw at you.

In the spirit, of the saying, “Make your mess, your message,” she is hoping that her posts, will help women live life – no matter how complicated – with courage, humor and dignity. She hopes, that by paring personal stories, with tips and advice, she can be a resource, to women, worldwide.

She considers this blog her “other baby.” Follow along, as she attempts to navigate this crazy thing called life – fearlessly.

She has high hopes, that she offers a pretty well rounded, entertaining and educational point-of-view. She’s a wife (since 2003), a mother (since 2006), a daughter, sister & friend. During the day, she is a senior account executive at a PR firm; and at night – when she’s not spending time with family and friends – she spends her free time blogging, reading and surfing the Internet for any interesting tidbits of information she can get her hands on. On that note, have you checked out the post, on “Social Media in 30 Minutes a Day?”

Often called, “The Queen of Random,” by her family and friends, you’ll also probably find posts about her opinions on a wide range of topics; from parenting to fashion, celebrity gossip to health & fitness. So, take a look around; you’re sure to find something that interests you.

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The Mom with Moxie – Injecting bits of awesome into everyday mommyhood.

The opinions on this blog are solely from Bree Glenn and not necessarily representative of my employer(s) or affiliates. 

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