Wednesday Ramblings

TMwM Wednesday Ramblings

Go the F**k to Sleep: Why, oh why won’t my kid go to sleep? Doesn’t he realize how AWESOME sleep is? Seriously, I just don’t get it. I can’t wait until he actually likes to sleep. I plan on interrupting it, as often as I can. I can’t wait. (Does that make me a bad parent? Oh well. 😉 ) Do your kids go to sleep when they’re supposed to? If so, how did you accomplish that magic trick?

Weird-a** Family: I know you guys have seen those super-weird Sprint Framily commercials. What. The. Eff? Really, whose idea were they? I just don’t get it – at all. Although, I gotta say, I love Gor-don. Have you seen the commercials? What do you think: pretty cool, or pretty stupid?

An obsession, renewed: We haven’t had cable for more than a year, relying on digital services for entertainment. Recently, we were offered a deal through AT&T that was too good to pass up. Anywho, once the cable was hooked up, I was hooked on – The Pioneer Woman, that is. And, as a bonus, the kid loves it as well. What’s your favorite TV show to watch with your kids?

So… What’s going on, in your world?


  1. Dominique says

    These are hilarious. I have no children yet, but if I did, I’m sure they wouldn’t go to sleep on time. I remember once trying to get my friend’s young cousin to go to sleep- we were all sharing the same room at her grandmother’s house. The little one refused to sleep. I told her to count sheep up to 100, thinking she’d fall asleep long before. It was silent. I was drifting off. And then all of a sudden I’d hear her voice cut thru the darkness, “I’m done”. She did that like 10 times as I kept changing what she should count: birds. balloons. cupcakes. The list goes on. That was years ago. I still go to sleep sometimes fearing that a small young not-so-innocent voice will awaken me just when I’m about to happily enter a world of dreams. “I’m done ” – two of the scariest words to a woman badly in need of sleep! :)

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