Wait, Footloose is 30?! [VIDEO]

I want you to think back to a time, a time before you had kids. A time when a hot, young actor named Kevin Bacon danced his way into our hearts in a movie called Footloose. Not that horrid remake they did a few years ago, but the original. The 1984-oh-so-awesome version. The version that made you get up and shout-sing and dance to Stephanie Mills’ Let’s Hear it for the Boy. That version? That version is 30 years old. Thirty. Damn, I’m old.

Earlier this month, Kevin Bacon was a guest on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon where dancing was recently outlawed. Well, you know Ren McCormack Kevin Bacon wasn’t going for any of that. Check it out…

How fun! Now, if you’ll excuse me… I have some Sunday shoes to kick off.


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