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A few months ago, when the hubs and I were having a particularly bad time with the kid‘s behavior, my dad said to me, “Be patient, he’s never been seven before, and you’ve never parented a seven year old before.” Now, while the statement may seem simple, it’s really not. To me, what it means is that it’s all new to all of us. We can’t approach parenting and discipline like the kid already knows what’s going on. We need to address each new challenge with a fresh perspective. Otherwise, we’ll get stressed out and find no resolution.

I’m trying to approach things, from this point of view, but it’s hard. Really hard. It’s easy to say, “You’re seven years old, act like it!” But, really, how would he know how a seven year old is supposed to act? Heck, how do we know how a seven year old I supposed to act? Because really, my seven year old is different than every other seven year old. I just have to learn to approach parenting from this P.O.V.

What about you? How do you approach parenting? What’s your technique?


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    Girl, I tell this same thing to myself all the time with my oldest. I have three kids and still deal with this! With the younger two I tell myself that I’ve never patented this 6 and 3yr old before. Parenting is the most rewarding and the most challenging. Keep your head up!

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    Hi Bree! I’m Bree!! I happened upon your blog and read your bio. I also got married in 03, and have one son, just a bit younger than your son. So cool to find you here. Look forward to following along!!

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      Yay, another Bree! How cool that we have so much in common. Thank you so much, for visiting. I’m going to go visit your blog now.

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