25 Chore Ideas for Elementary Schoolers

25 Chore Ideas for Elementary Schoolers

I am a firm believer that chores teach kids responsibility. As such, the hubs and I are always looking for chore ideas, for the kid.  Here’s a list we came up with:

  1. Clean microwave
  2. Clean windows [no chemicals]
  3. Clear table
  4. Collect dirty clothes
  5. Collect garbage
  6. Dust [no chemicals]
  7. Get mail
  8. Help fold laundry
  9. Help separate dirty clothes
  10. Help with meal prep
  11. Load the dishwasher
  12. Make bed
  13. Pick up/ put away toys
  14. Put clothes away
  15. Rake leaves
  16. Set the table
  17. Sweep
  18. Unload the dishwasher [the non-breakables and NO knives!]
  19. Vacuum
  20. Wash dishes [with supervision – of course]
  21. Watering plants [with supervision]
  22. Weeding
  23. Wipe down baseboards
  24. Wipe down cabinets
  25. Wipe out bathroom counters, sinks, toilets

What do you think of my list? Have any ideas to add? Let me know in the comments section below!


  1. ActionGranted says

    Love the list. Love having kids do chores. We also have pet care on our list. Right now that means feeding the birds or cleaning the cage. We also have cleaning the bathroom on the list. In our house than means making sure everything is in it’s place.

    • says

      Great additions! I haven’t had a pet, since I was a little girl. But, my sister and I always had to feed them and clean up after them.

      Thanks, for stopping by!

  2. says

    Our kids (10 & 6) do a lot of these. They empty the dishwasher, set & clear the kitchen table, carry dirty clothes down to the wash, and help put away clean clothes. And on “cleaning days” they can be counted on to help tidy up around the house. I think it’s important for them to be involved, and learn they’re responsible for their surroundings, too.

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