Work-Life Balance: Revisiting an Old Concern

I started a new job, yesterday. And, I’m beyond ecstatic, at how well my first day went.  After trying out the freelance/contract field, for a little over a year, I’m delighted to be returning to be returning to a full-time position – at an awesome company.

But, with this new venture, comes the aged-old concern, of working moms everywhere: how to balance home and work. Only time, will tell, how well I can handle it all.  But, if yesterday, was any indication… I’ll be just fine.

However, my concerns prompted me revisit a post I did, last August, titled: 5 Tips for the Working Mom Looking for Work-Life Balance. I think these tips, will definitely come in handy.

And, to add to my new job/balance woes… We’re moving, in a few weeks AND The Kid starts kindergarten, in the fall. Hopefully, I can hang on, to my sanity, through all this. Please stay tuned – as I’ll be posting more about these two things, over the next few weeks.

How about you? How do you handle work-life balance?


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    Congrats on the new job!

    I’m a few years away from having kids, but I already worry about how I’ll manage a healthy work/life balance when I have a family. Right now, it seems impossible to achieve…even though I know of several women who have done it. It just seems daunting and scary! I’ll have to remember those tips you shared.

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      It definitely seems daunting – even though I’m in the middle, of it. But, with the right support system, it’s definitely doable.

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